Our farms organic products.

  • Olive harvesting The olive grove
    Our olive grove is comprised of seven very old and 1200 specially selected younger olive trees
    Our fields with their rich soil, good exposition to the sun and sheltered position yield a completely organic product of excellent quality.
  • Our olive oil Organic olive oil
    Our farms' organic olive oil.
  • Lavender and Millefiori Honey Honey
    Millefleur Honey.
    Wonderful Lavender-flower Honey.
  • Fruit Old-fashioned fruit
    Ithe fruit we grow comes from traditional varieties giving an unmistakable 'old-fashioned' flavour that is now very rare.
  • Little olive trees grow..
    The new olive grove
    There are over a thousand new olive trees, soon to be producing their wonderful organic oil.
    These specially selected trees, combined with our distinctive terrain and a perfect climate, allow us to produce an olive oil of exceptional quality.